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Currently Leasing to well qualified hair stylist. Clientele recommended. We do turn clients away often. Monthly full time lease $585. Full or Part time available. Downtown Vancouver is growing, thriving and becoming quite the destination spot. 

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Welcome to "our little corner of Main St."

Co-Owners Celinda Rupert ~ Stylist, Regina McCoy ~ Stylist  ~ .  Our providers are available Tuesday - Saturday. We do take walk-ins for hair and some other services. This is dependent on availability of provider. Appointments are recommended but not always necessary.

Currently our providers are not available on Sundays or Mondays. We currently offer hair, waxing and facial services. See our full MENU located on the ABOUT US page.

Our salon is different. We are often asked "What does MOXIE mean". So we decided to include the definition for you.
"The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage. Backbone. Grit. Mettle. Guts. Nerve and Gumption.
(Co-Owners Celinda and Gina)

                         Stop by and see what we mean!

 We are located at 1019 Main St. We are on the SE corner of 11th and Main near the Kiggins theater.

 Because our salon IS NOT employee based, and each provider sets their own schedule, we do not advertise that we OPEN and CLOSE at any specific time. However, be assured that most days we are available by 11 am and as late as 7 pm. Feel free to leave a message and someone will return your call as soon as they can. CLOSED SUNDAY AND MONDAY. Thank you for understanding.

Because our salon operates without a receptionist, calls are returned on Tuesday after we return from our weekend. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Your phone call is VERY important to us. If your call has gone to voice mail during the normal work week, that is probably because we are with our very valued clients. We return calls as promptly as we can during the normal work week. 

Each provider rents their station, and is NOT employed by Salon Moxie. Each provider does their very best running their independent business. Your patience is greatly appreciated!

We are located on the SE corner of 11th and Main in Downtown Vancouver, WA. Our address is 1019 Main St. Reach us at 360-567-1728.
Just South of us, one door down, is Angst Gallery AND Niche Wine Bar and Restaurant. Anchoring our block to the South is Rosemary Cafe.

Some of our retail lines:

Amazingly Beautiful, Healthy Hair
Healthy hair is beautiful hair. NEUMA gives you beautiful hair without sacrifice.
Founded with beauty, health and sustainability as our heart – our philosophy is simple.
NEUMA believes that professional performance hair care, health and sustainability need not be mutually exclusive.
NEUMA products feature:ZERO…
  • synthetic fragrance
  • sulfates
  • parabens
  • 1,4-dioxane
  • phthalates
  • glutens
  • neurotoxins
  • aluminum compounds
  • glycols*
  • formaldehyde donors
  • ureas
  • carcinogens
*except hair sprays
…simply a genuine, sustainable brand.
Offering a full range of systems that deliver sensational results – NEUMA leaves hair looking and feeling more beautiful.


It is no secret that as consumers become more and more savvy about ingredients and what they are putting in and on their body, companies are becoming better and better at hiding toxic chemicals and harmful ingredients. One of the best ways being used today by the personal care industry too hide toxins is fragrance.
Here’s a challenge: take some time to read the labels on your body wash and your laundry soap. What you will notice, is more than likely they both have the word fragrance written on the back under their ingredients. Thats odd… My laundry soap smells like a fresh spring rain and my body-wash is tropical mango…surely they cannot be the same thing, can they? Absolutely NOT. 
HOW is it possible? The word fragrance is protected under the United States Trade Secret Act, making it O.K. for companies to list the word fragrance without identifying the actual make up of their ingredients or what they use to make it. Quite frankly, if they did, no one would buy it. That Trade Secret Act allows companies of all different industries to use “fragrance” as a cover up for over 5,000 chemicals. Can you believe that? They have 5,000 different chemicals choices and you don’t get to know ANY of them!
It gets worse! Out of the 5,000 chemicals, only approximately 1650 have been tested (for other reasons of course) where 800+ out of the 1650 were known carcinogens (cancer causing), skin irritants, or asthma instigators! In other words, not only are you not told what they are, you can’t even make an educated guess on their risk factors!
Now here’s the latest twist. Recently in the news you are hearing about several chemicals that are directly linked to cancer: Parabensand Phlates.
  • Parabens are a preservative that mimic estrogen growth and are directly related to breast cancer.
  • Phlates are a plastic additive that allows bottles to molded quickly, but is a known carcinogen when exposed to heat or extreme cold and consumed.  Don’t drink the water from a bottle in a hot car, right?
Have no fear- there are a handful of products that are Paraben free! Good? Maybe not, that depends, if the bottle reads fragrance on it. If so, chances are the parabens are being secretly hidden in the fragrance. Same with the phlates, which are also used to give a synthetic fragrance that blooming smell we love so much!
If people knew better, I would imagine most would rather smell nothing at all in the shower than toxins and harmful ingredients. Sounds to me like PureFume is more like PureDoom.
As scary as all of this is, there is a silver lining. You can in fact get healthy, beautifully scented, non toxic personal care products! How? Before there was any synthetic fragrances, companies relied on essential oils. Not only for their gorgeous aromas, but their extremely healing qualities. Take tea tree for example- it is as effective for cleaning wounds as hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol. The anti septic qualities of tea tree are similar to most chemical based cleaner.
Companies shy away from natural essential oils, for one reason, they cost more. After all, profits are more important than the health of you and family right? NEUMA says NO.
NEUMA has taken a stand against ingredient hiding and synthetic fragrance, and chosen to only use high amounts of pure essential oil blends and plant based ingredients to give you better quality performance with no risk to your health.
We call it the: Worry Free Wash Rinse and Repeat. And by the way, we don’t use parabens or phlates either. There is no need when using plant  based ingredients and essential oils.
Note: You will notice a lot of companies today claiming to use essential oils or plant based ingredients. Just remember this: if you see the words perfume, perfume, or fragrance on the bottle they are still hiding something from you. Most of the time they still use fragrance, and just put tiny amounts of essential oils so they can claim it in their marketing campaigns.
Start making educated decisions on what you are putting on your body, and what you are putting into the earth. Take a stand for your right to know what you’re using, and start partnering with companies that truly care about the earth, your health, and the beauty of your hair.



Here is a peek into our awesome salon:

A look at our styling area as seen from the entry way.
Amazing what a little paint will do! Freshly painted August 2018

Retail and entry way
Freshly painted with bright, new colors August 2018

Our independent styling station in the window bay with a fresh coat of paint.

Salon waiting area in our window bay. Quite relaxing.

Salon waiting area on Spa side of Salon Moxie

Our relaxing Esthetic room. Waxing and facials happen here. All updated for your enjoyment. 

Krystal is available for online booking



We also give back.....


Salon Moxie is a DROP location for GENTLY USED or NEW BRAS.  Working with NWCAVE.ORG and TheGiftOfLift.Org we are collecting bras for the cause:
Our Mission
NWCAVE helps to inform, educate and prevent violence and exploitation against women and children nationally and internationally.
Whether human trafficking, domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual violence, stalking, bullying, hate crimes and all other forms of violence and exploitation against women and children, NWCAVE strives to keep the public informed and educated on how we can live in a more civilized society free of violence.

Beneficiaries from October 1, 2014 - present were: 
YWCA Clark County WORTH Program - Washington

YWCA Clark County SafeChoice Program - Washington
Second Step Housing WORTH Program - Washington
Vancouver and Evergreen School Districts - Washington
Clark County Sheriff's Office - Washington
Henderson House - Oregon
Divine Threads - Oregon
Free The Girls - International   

We have collected and presented over 10,000 bras to local, state, national and international organizations since the program began in 2010 under Dr. Gabriel. 


Salon Moxie 360~567~1728.
We look forward to seeing you soon!
 We gladly accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover. 
Each independent contractor will gladly accept your payment for services rendered with them. Salon Moxie takes funds for retail sales and gift certificates only.
We operate without a receptionist so we return your calls when we open on the next business day or during the work day that you call. Thank you for understanding.